A Boon for the Great Lakes Region:

Supply Chain Solutions has partnered with Muskegon-based Eco Ships to breathe new life into the Milwaukee/Muskegon shipping route, with full-scale activity expected to begin in August 2017. Our role will be to serve as shippers’ agent, so we’ll be working out the arrangements between shippers and vessel operators. We need to make sure we’ve got full vessels and that the vessels are performing to the shippers’ expectations. Eventually – and by that I mean sooner rather than later – we expect a rail partner to join the effort by setting up an intermodal station at the Port of Milwaukee. That’s going to further ease the pressure on infrastructure region-wide, and help alleviate the Chicago bottlenecks while providing more opportunities to avoid that route in getting goods across the nation and the world. Just about every player in the market will benefit from this initiative. People moving truckload freight – whether we’re talking Meijer and Gordon Food Service or major lumber yards like Georgia Pacific – will benefit tremendously from this newly available method of shipping their goods. And large third-party logistics providers, always looking for a better way, will take full advantage of this new opportunity to engage in cross-lake shipping. This will also be a tremendous boon for Muskegon, which in recent years has not enjoyed the full benefits of its port capacity. The same will be true in Milwaukee. This will create jobs and economic activity in every spot that’s affected by it. Oh by the way, the clean burning technology we’ll be using will enhance the environmental quality of the lake. Even the lake wins! We plan to be operational in August. Once we’ve operated through the end of the year, we’ll study our results and decide what if any adjustments need to be made. But we know the business community needs this, as does the economy and infrastructure of the entire region. This is long overdue, so let’s get rolling. Contact us info@scsolutionsinc.com today to find out how to be a part of it.