Innovation is producing solutions to megaship/megaport congestion problems

As we’ve talked about this in recent months, we’ve also promised to let you know about solutions. One is coming from a company called Seahorse, which has developed a novel approach to ocean shipping. Seahorse’s system uses a deep-sea, semi-submersible vessel that carries six smaller, detachable vessels. The larger vessel never comes into port. Instead, it employs heavy-left technology to submerge its well deck and float off the smaller vessels.
The smaller vessels, with a draft of only 23 feet, don’t require the massive infrastructure or the cranes that the megaships do. They can dock in midsize ports and get your goods much more quickly onto road and rail, and ultimately to their destinations.
Seahorse has an intriguing video about how this works, which you can see here:


This is just one innovation that’s designed to deal with the problems in ocean shipping, and we’ll tell you about more as they happen. But I love the way creative thinkers don’t just accept that a problem can never be solved, and find ways to make things work.

Nice job, Seahorse. This kind of thinking is exactly what we need.