Walmart Adds FedEx Shops to Select Stores

With eCommerce growing at staggering rates, there is a need by FedEx to offer full service shipping locations to compete with UPS and to some lesser degree USPS. While drop-off locations at retailers offer convenience, they are not full-service shipping centers that can help with repacking or provide pick up of orders.

On Tuesday, FedEx said it is going to place 500 new FedEx Office locations within select domestic Walmart stores nationwide in the next 24 months. The announcement comes after completion of a successful pilot program spanning 47 locations within Walmart stores across six states. Walmart-based FedEx Office locations offer customers convenient access to packing, shipping and printing solutions near where consumers shop, work and live.

Customers can also conveniently direct their packages to be held at any Walmart-based FedEx Office location for up to five business days either directly or by redirecting using FedEx Delivery Manager.

“This strategic initiative between FedEx Office and Walmart builds on a shared goal of providing customers convenience and value, so they can save both time and money. The growth of our store network to 500 new locations brings our brand even closer to busy consumers who have told us they are seeking secure, reliable options for packing, shipping and receiving packages.” Brian Philips, CEO of FedEx Office

Is FedEx becoming Walmart's largest logistics partner? Is this move a sign that Walmart may expand FedEx's role in its eCommerce operations? What is your opinion?


Written by: Richard Meldner

Published: e seller cafe