Supply Chain Today

1. Supply chains are to become increasingly customer-centric as a result of the rise in e-commerce. businesses were increasingly ordering goods online, which is driving a need for “faster and more convenient supply chains”. Another key finding from the report is that customer demand is also driving growth in direct-to-consumer shipments of time-and-temperature sensitive goods.

2. The Georgia Ports Authority and the South Carolina Ports Authority have filed an agreement with the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) to work jointly to provide a new chassis pool structure to be known as the Southern States Chassis Pool. The chassis pool was formed in 2006 as a way to more efficiently handle the provision of chassis for the movement of containers in the Southeast.

3. Walmart will work with suppliers in China to reduce carbon emissions. Walmart Inc. committed to cutting 50 million metric tons of carbon emissions from its Chinese operations -- attempting to play good corporate citizen in a country where it’s making increasingly ambitious business investments. China is now the only nation where the retailer has made a specific emission plan public.

4. Surging home sales could indicate next logistics boom location. Industrial real estate booms are starting to follow housing booms because so many consumers are buying goods online, and so e-commerce companies need to expand their distribution and fulfillment networks to meet growing consumer demand. The South, in particular, is seeing enormous population growth.

5. Latin America: a booming e-commerce market is attracting warehouses, but politics and infrastructure pose challenges. While Brazil is only one Latin American country, it’s a driving force in Latin America’s economy and economic trends. One major trend: e-commerce. It makes up 5% of the country’s approximately $300 million retail market, but has doubled in the last four years and is expected to keep growing at a double-digit pace.

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