Supply Chain Happenings

1. ELD mandate a 'burden' for small fleets. Considering the nation's ongoing truck-driver shortage, trucking companies' overall dissatisfaction with the ELD mandate suggests trucking companies may simply have to push for other improvements to account for the regulation's consequences.

2. COSCO-OOCL deal gets green light. The approval puts the Chinese shipping giant one step away from completing the deal, only awaiting the results of a review from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. over the fate of an OOCL terminal at the Port of Long Beach, The Wall Street Journal reports.

3. The importance of inventory management: Mattel may underperform in Q2. To recover in the third and fourth quarters, Mattel needs to get its supply chain in order by outsourcing more operations and gaining better control of its inventory, especially in the key brands that drive most of its sales during the extremely important holiday season.

4. Benefits of an Open Book Policy. Our open-book policy allows us to review our customers’ activity and understand their business, so we can work together to ensure costs are minimized and operations are optimized wherever possible. It also allows us to be transparent with our customers, with no hidden amounts whatsoever, building a relationship of trust from day one. Learn more!