Supply Chain Buzz 7/12

1. US announces tariffs on $200B more goods from China. After the announcement, the Chinese government said it would take "firm and forceful measures" against the tariffs but did not provide specific details, according to the Associated Press.

2. Southern ports propose new chassis pool to meet demand. The statement announcing the pool notes this will be a new pool to replace the South Atlantic Chassis Pool, which handled 40% of the ports' chassis. The new pool agreement filed with the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) says all ports in the pool will be able to meet, discuss and negotiate how best to distribute chassis among themselves.

3. What the trade war with China means for retail's pre-holiday. Tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese goods took hold Friday and an additional $500 billion are threatened ahead of a critical time for retailers.

4. Tariffs Explained: a timeline of events. This e-book contains a detailed timeline, describes how tariffs are affecting companies and consumers, and proposes a solution to save you time and money. Download here.