Supply Chain Buzz 7/18

1. Accurate tariff classification helps ensure smooth customs clearance. With some new tariffs, are you sure you know your commodities are OK? Read more.

2. Amazon set to claim half of online sales in the US. Amazon's next closest competitor, eBay, controls only 6.6% of the market. And for all its investments, Walmart, No. 4 behind Apple, still has just 3.7% of online sales. Read more.

3. Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach post strong June volumes but tariff concerns remain intact. POLB handled 752,188 (TEU) Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units in June, which stands as the busiest volume month in its history and marks a 14.2% annual improvement. The previous best month was July 2017, which June 2018 surpassed by 4.4%. Read more.

4. Furniture retail starts to feel the 'Amazon effect'. As with everything, of course, furniture has a supply chain. As supply chains have gotten more complex and advanced over the years, the furniture industry — especially on the hospitality side — hasn’t always kept up. Read more.