Supply Chain Buzz 7/24

1. ZIM, Maersk Line and MSC to cooperate on the Asia-US East Coast trade. Starting early September, 2018, the parties will operate together five loops between Asia and the US East Coast. ZIM will operate one loop and 2M will operate four loops, and the parties will swap slots on all loops.

2. Apparel industry ranks trade policy, tariffs as top business challenge. While China continues to be the most frequently used sourcing base, volumes are decreasing. You can have a detailed timeline of tariffs here.

3. Trucking growth reaches 'short-term limit'. Trucking shipments declined slightly from May to June but still posted year over year growth of 7.2%, according to the June 2018 Cass Freight Index Report. While part of the cost increases may be attributed to rising fuel prices, most stems from high demand for trucking coupled with low supply of capacity and drivers.

4. Airbus will study drone deliveries of medical supplies. The companies are exploring medical cargo delivery pilots in Singapore and Indonesia. "If successful, this could be extended to International SOS operations globally," a press release stated.