COSCO restores service 5 days after cyberattack

A global network of service representatives, social media and temporary email addresses saved the day for COSCO after a purported ransomware attack shut down local communication.

For five days, shippers had to navigate 50 new email addresses specific to the tasks they needed to accomplish, such as filing with the Federal Maritime Commission (, verified gross mass filings on exports ( or new bookings (

COSCO, meanwhile, had to accommodate teams to respond to a flood of emails or social media posts and route shippers to the right email service line.

In one Facebook exchange, COSCO replied to a shipper whose booking cutoff was at 4 p.m. Friday by saying "our teams are working through the e-mails as quickly as they can and will respond to you as soon as possible ... we hope you can sit tight with us a bit longer, and we appreciate your understanding and patience as we continue to work through this."

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