Coalition urges postal task force to not raise parcel prices

The United States Postal Service (USPS) consistently operates from a financial disadvantage created by the 2006 Postal Reform Act. Part of that act requires the USPS to pre-fund its retiree health and pension obligations 75 years out. No other public agency, or competitor in the private sector, is required to do the same.

While revenue from first class delivery has been trending down, as technology such as online bill payment take a toll on letter volumes, their parcel delivery business continue to expand thanks to online commerce.

The president’s order of a review of postal rates may be to improve the financial position of the USPS. Or it may be being used as political tactic to punish Amazon, their largest customer. Amazon’s chief, Jeff Bezos, also owns The Washington Post, a critic of the Trump administration. No one is sure of the motive of the review.

However "The Package Coalition" is using political clout as well, with their stance of making sure the USPS doesn't raise prices and change the competitive landscape of parcel delivery.

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