How to deal with trucking labor disputes


Those trucks rumbling across the highways carry 71% of America’s freight by weight — 10.77 billion tons, according to the American Trucking Associations. The industry group reported that trucking generated more than $700 billion in annual revenue in 2017.

The ramifications of even a short-term stoppage would ripple throughout not only the economy, but everyday life, as witnessed by weeklong trucking strikes in India and Brazil last summer. Even when settled, the financial losses were massive.

The USDA Foreign Agricultural Service said the strike in Brazil created losses of $1.75 billion to the nation's agricultural industry. Recovery was far from immediate. A month later, Brazilians still weren’t receiving shipments of staples such as soy beans, meat and corn, and ships were facing loading delays. Bloomberg reported the eight-day Indian strike resulted in around $582 million per day in lost revenue for the truckers.

Shippers end up being the losers. Keep reading at Supply Chain Dive