Demand and Inventory Planning: How to Free the Cash Hiding in Your Inventory (Webinar Recording)

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Manufacturers can learn from retailers how to address a slow cash-to-cash cycle caused by holding too much inventory.

As inventory velocity slows, less cash is available for other uses. The slowing process of materials inventory often links to the product life cycle. for example:

  • New items: New products require new materials, driving higher overall inventory as the manufacturer responds to market demand.

  • Declining items: Materials required to make slower moving items can produce a drag on overall inventory velocity.

  • Mature items: Global sourcing extends the inventory pipeline, while reliance on volume price breaks and freight economies to reduce landed cost can create high levels of slow-moving inventory.

What can you do about it?

Articulate an inventory strategy, track trends, measure performance of individual items, and deploy corrective actions. Each of these items are elaborated by our Supply Chain Consultant, and Webinar Panelist, John Stewart.

John Stewart is a supply chain consultant based in West Michigan.  Since 2004, he has helped client teams to design and implement supply chain process improvements in manufacturing, food, retail, publishing, distribution, agriculture, and third-party logistics.

This free webinar was developed to help Operations, Supply Chain, Purchasing, Logistics, Sourcing, Buyers, and the C-suite.

What are you getting from the webinar?

  • An overview of inventory optimization and financial performance.

  • An overview of inventory strategy and the scope of work, including objective, processes, metrics; cadence vs. economies, segmentation strategy, and measuring results.

  • Actionable recommendations, including how to enable and formulate a strategy with data, tools and your organization; and measure for sustainable performance and results.

Interested in our Process Walk-through?

The goal of this half-day process walk-through is to go over your demand-to-fulfillment process, spotlighting where in the process we find inventory pockets. Major buckets of inventory like raw material form, packaging, and finished goods are affected by the processes, and it’s in these processes that you are going to find the improvements of those inventory balances. Email us here if you are interested in learning more about our process walk-through!

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