North America Operations Update


The BNSF has issued an embargo be effective Monday, January 5, 2015 for westbound traffic originating at an Eastern Railroad (Norfolk Southern & CSX) and interchanging westbound to the BNSF destined for all marine terminals served on the U S West Coast.

Truck Power

• Truck Power across the USA to perform import store door deliveries and export door pickups continues to be a challenge especially in the Midwest, Gulf, Northeast and Southern California.

• There are no truck power issues in Canada and Mexico

• Please see our Truck Power Map on for more information regarding advance timing required for door movements.

Vessel/Loop Deployment Changes

• Terminal First Receiving Date information as reported by North America terminals continues to be updated daily.

• Seattle/Tacoma Port Call Changes:  To assist with vessel service recovery resulting from U.S. West Coast port congestion the following service changes will take place:

NP1 and PA1 services will temporarily shift the Tacoma port call to Seattle.  Cargo scheduled to load/discharge Tacoma will now route via Seattle:

NP1 Service

OOCL Asia               072     ETA Seattle     06 January

OOCL Seoul              025     ETA Seattle     09 January

OOCL London             029     ETA Seattle     15 January

Zim Rotterdam           025     ETA Seattle     18 January

OOCL Luxembourg 029     ETA Seattle     26 January

Zim Djibouti            039     ETA Seattle     01 February

OOCL Atlanta            073     ETA Seattle     08 February

Zim Antwerp             025     ETA Seattle     15 February

PA1 Service

Allise P                        001     ETA Seattle     10 January

NYK Nebula              047     ETA Seattle     11 January

Seoul Express           010     ETA Seattle     28 January

NYK Daedalus            041     ETA Seattle     28 January

Tokyo Express           060     ETA Seattle     05 February

NP2 Service will temporarily switch its Seattle port call to Tacoma during this same time period.  Impacted vessel/voyages are as follows:

Hyundai Faith           043     ETA Tacoma      09 January

Hyundai Force           039     ETA Tacoma      18 January

Hyundai Courage 041     ETA Tacoma      20 January

Hyundai Global          035     ETA Tacoma      25 January

Hyundai Brave           042     ETA Tacoma      29 January

Hyundai Mercury 039     ETA Tacoma      03 February

• The SC2 service will skip a sailing ex Asia origin points in week 1.

• PA1 Temporary Los Angeles Port Omission.  In order to help ease the current congestion at the Port of Los Angeles, the G6 Alliance has taken the step of implementing a temporary omission of an eastbound port call at Los Angeles for the PA1 service at year end 2014 and early 2015. The service will continue to call Port of Oakland.

The vessels omitting the Port of Los Angeles are shown below:

Singapore Express       047 East

NYK Nebula              040 East

Seoul Express           010 East

NYK Daedalus            041 East

Tokyo Express           060 East

NYK Diana               040 East

During this temporary period of PA1 port call omission at the Port of Los Angeles, you are encouraged to use our alternative CC1, CC3, CC4 and JPX services for your Transpacific shipments. For Transatlantic shipments, there is no all water alternative during this time period.  For alternate land bridge routing for your Transatlantic shipments during this period, please contact SCS. 

• Attached is our current vessel schedule for reference purposes.  For the most up to date scheduling information please do refer to our interactive point to point or vessel schedule on

Pacific Southwest

Southern California marine terminal congestion continues with vessels at anchorage awaiting berthing space.  Vessel schedules are not able to achieve pro forma targets.

The Los Angeles/Long Beach marine terminals were closed 3 shifts this past week for the New Year’s Holiday. 

Long Beach Container Terminal (LBCT)

• Terminal and Gate operations remain relatively fluid.

Global Gateway South (GGS)

• Terminal utilization has increased, contributing to increased terminal congestion.

• GACP chassis supply extremely deficit last week, requiring truckers to bring in chassis for import deliveries.

Yusen Terminals Inc (YTI)

• Significant congestion continues, although the gate queue has been lighter last week.

• Positive feedback on YTI East, where drivers can pick up wheeled imports with relatively good turn times, resulting in an expansion of this program.


• Heavy congestion this week due to system issues, intermittent closure of certain areas, terminal construction and high volume of vessel discharge.

California United Terminal (CUT)

• Terminal and gate operations running relatively well.

USA Midwest & South Central

• Chicago is extremely short of truck power.

• Dallas and Houston continue to be very surplus on all sizes of containers. 


• Vessels are now having to arrive at anchor and await berth availability. An alert was issued by the USCG stating that vessels with a draft over 25’ may not have space for anchorage.

• There has been a significant increase in the number of vessels at anchorage in San Francisco Bay and vessels may omit Oakland as schedules are adjusted.

• OICT operations remain highly congested and productivity remains down by about 15%.

• Effective Dec.30th, and until further notice, terminals in Oakland will not have night shifts.

Tacoma & Seattle

• Several ships are anchored awaiting berth availability for both Tacoma and Seattle.

• Washington United Terminal (WUT) remained congested throughout the week. Vessel operation severely were slowed by about 30%.

• Seattle’s T-18 continues to be congested.


• Intermodal dwell time at both Centerm and Delta Port remains stable at a fluid level.

CN Montreal

• Intermodal dwell time at Montreal terminals has not changed from the previous week. 

New York Terminals

• Truck power lead time still remains 5-7 days in the NYC metro area

Norfolk International Terminal

• As part of the new gate automation project at Norfolk International Terminals, seal numbers are no longer being recorded at the terminal.

• Norfolk Intermodal Terminal (NIT) will now be open for a full day until 5:00PM every Saturday. All customers and truckers are prompted to take full advantage of these hours to better manage gate delays.

South Atlantic

• The State Ports and rail will extend their hours beginning Jan 06, Mon-Fri, 0600-1800.


• Terminal, depot, trucking, and rail services all normal.

Our best wishes for a Happy 2015!