Supply Chain Solutions Year-In-Review

2018 was a huge year for Supply Chain Solutions – not only for our team but for our amazing customers who build their businesses with us. Take a look at everything we have done in 2018 and learn how we can keep creating business value to you.

Reinvesting in our technology focusing on your success 
As a business, we were still delivering the value we promised but realized it could be delivered faster, better, and more accurately if we updated our technology. We started planning, developing, and executing in January and replaced nearly all our platforms. We will have a special blog post focusing on each one of them soon (stay tuned to our email communication). Having all new technology helped us recognize we needed a technology leader to manage how this technology can support different department goals in order to optimize your business. We are happy to announce we have hired Michele Zimmerman as our VP of Technology (you can read about her here).

Growing the company organically
Organic business growth is marked by increased output, customer-base expansion, and new product development. We have invested in our Client Relationship and Marketing teams to lead the business expansion. In 2018, we have grown over $8.5 million organically, and plan to continue developing strategies to keep growing exponentially.

Placing people in the right place doing the right thing
Every person has a talent. These talents can be very powerful if they are recognized and developed. In a company, when a group of people with different talents are teamed up, they become unstoppable. That is why placing the people in the right place is so important to us. In 2018 we made organizational changes, moving some people around so to optimize their full potential. Since that took place, our associates became more productive and comfortable with their daily tasks. We work based on the ideal team player concept that embodies three virtues: be humble, be hungry, be smart. This combination empowers and accelerates the process of building high-performing teams.

InterLINK Fowarding Corp. Acquisition
In 2018 we acquired InterLINK Forwarding Corp. InterLINK was founded in 2012 by Emiliano De Gregoris and Ivan Moran. Together they add over 20 years of air and ocean import experience, operating offices in Long Beach CA and Miami FL, extending Supply Chain Solutions’ freight forwarding footprint. InterLINK Forwarding has been providing specialized cargo shipping services and freight solutions for over 20 years. Their philosophy of service excellence combined with our freight-forwarding expertise will help place us among the very best international shipping companies. We endeavor to help exporters and importers that are currently shipping to Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. The company’s past success is attributed to their specialized approach and a solid understanding of the Latin-American market. Every member of the Latin American Cargo team is dedicated to ensuring seamless and safe transportation of customers’ freight. This has been accomplished with a sole focus: Total Customer Satisfaction. Whether it is shipping freight to or from Mexico, Chile, Peru, Brazil or other Latin-American countries, together we are able to provide the best freight shipping solutions on the market.

New Branch Manager in Chicago
We are excited to announce that Emiliano De Gregoris has stepped into the role of Branch Manager for our Chicago location. Emiliano joined our team this Summer as the Vice President of Sales, brought to SCS through our acquisition of InterLINK. In addition to his role as VP of Sales, he is assuming Branch Management responsibilities in Chicago. With his extensive knowledge of our industry and his proven leadership capabilities, Emiliano is a great fit to help facilitate our growth in Chicago.

Offices Remodel
Our growing business needed some office updating and changes. Last year we remodeled our Chicago office. This year, our Los Angeles office moved from Torrance to Long Beach, into a beautiful space with port view and connections to partner carriers and service providers. During the summer we temporarily relocated our Grand Rapids associates so we could remodel our entire building. Our headquarters is now updated and ready to take on new challenges in 2019.

Revamped Core Values
Our core values are our fundamental beliefs as an organization. These values, created 17 years ago by founders Jim Ward and Les Brand, dictate our highest priorities and core driving forces. They are the heart of our organization and what our associates stand for. We want to be very clear that we are not changing our core values. We are simply regrouping them so it’s easier for all of us to remember and truly live by them.


-         Honesty Above All Else
-         Give Respect, Get Respect

-         Be Passionate
-         Be Accountable for Results

-         Help Our Clients Succeed
-         Thrive on Change
-         Always Look for a Better Way

We are looking forward to a successful 2019! Let's continue to create business value together! Happy Holidays!

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