Talking Tariffs: 7 Strategies to Mitigate Costs [Webinar + E-book]

Talking Tariffs: 7 Strategies to Mitigate Costs was a full capacity successful webinar on October 16th covering everything tariffs. 

Supply chain and customs experts Les Brand, John Stewart, and Terry McCracken shared strategies to mitigate costs raised by tariffs 301 and 232, and answered live questions. This webinar was developed to help supply chain, purchasing, and procurement professionals learn how they can better manage the outcomes of the trade war.

In this webinar, we covered the following topics:

1. Information on 301, 232, and safeguard tariffs

2. Information on retaliation and the "new" NAFTA

3. Past and future: has this happened before? What to expect next?

4. 7 actionable strategies you can start implementing today

If you missed the webinar, you have two chances to get that information: download the webinar audio here and download the webinar e-book here

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