Top 3 Free Resources


Have you checked any of our resources created especially for you this year? We had e-books explaining everything about the new tariffs, strategies to mitigate costs, a case study on how we reduced transportation costs by a lot, and more! These were our top 3 free resources of 2018:

1. Talking Tariffs: 7 Strategies to Mitigate Costs [e-book]  

This free e-book was developed to help supply chain, purchasing, and procurement professionals learn how they can better manage the outcomes of the trade war. With this e-book you will be able to: get information on 301, 232, and safeguard tariffs; get information on retaliation and the "new" NAFTA; learn about the past and future: has this happened before? What to expect next; and get 7 actionable strategies you can start implementing today.

Download here.

2. Sourcing: A Guide for Tariff Impact [Step-by-step Guide]

This short guide was developed to help busy supply chain, purchasing, and procurement professionals learn how they can use sourcing as a strategy to avoid tariffs and manage the outcomes of the trade war. The guide is an easy read that presents two sourcing strategies you should consider if they fit your supply chain. Besides, we also included summarized information on tariffs 301, 232, and retaliation.

Download here.

3. Strategies for Reducing Transportation Logistics Costs [A Case Study]

A leading food manufacturer in Texas was spending $13 million dollars in freight spend. We stepped in and introduced solutions that have been saving them $1.5 million annually. How we did it? What were our strategies? Learn more downloading our case study.

Download here.

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