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Supply Chain Solutions has made amazing progress over the last 15 years providing chain management solutions. The driving force behind our success is our people—and you could be one of them. At SCS, people matter. We give you the power to get things done. Because a great career doesn’t just make you feel good today, it inspires you to excel tomorrow. That’s why we recruit, develop and retain the best talent in the industry and cultivate leaders at every level of our company.

SCS is a progressive-thinking supply chain management and improvement group headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We touch all aspects of our clients’ supply chain—and believe that all are vital to their overall business success. Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. was founded on the understanding that many organizations aspire to implement effective supply chain improvements—quickly and affordably. Long, drawn-out analysis and intricate strategies that are not aligned with overall business goals can result in unaffordable, complex solutions that do not deliver true value.

We create measurable business value and generate profits for our clients through assessment, design, implementation and management of end-to-end integrated supply chain solutions. At SCS, our vision is to set the standard for excellence in supply chain improvements.

Our difference is a streamlined infrastructure, disciplined operational processes and real-world experience that delivers results. Lean thinking and low overhead enable us to respond to challenges quickly, implement solutions faster and provide our clients a great return on investment.

Why SCS?

We believe people decide to grow their careers with us because this is a place where contributions are valued and ideas are respected. It’s a place built on and driven by dreams. And it’s a place where respect for our clients and respect for each other are paramount to our success.

We are a company built on relationships—and to build a relationship, you have to establish, nurture and grow personal connections. We strive to provide a work environment that empowers our professionals as individuals, and as a team. This is a place where we live our core values:

  • Give respect & get respect

  • Honesty above all else

  • Help our client succeed

  • Always look for a better way

  • Are accountable for results

  • Thrive on change

  • Bring passion to everything we do

People matter at SCS. You can make a salary. Or you can make a difference. Or you can work at Supply Chain Solutions and make both. Speak up, solve problems, lead others, and be an owner. All the while giving back to the community and caring for a better world.

Join us and make your mark.

Check out our job listings here.

Why work for Supply Chain Solutions?

People matter at Supply Chain Solutions. You can make a salary. Or you can make a difference. Or you can work at SCS and make both.

Check out our job listings here.