Turning your supply chain into a competitive advantage starts with building on what you already have, and can deploy more strategically. We identify the strengths in your business process and show you how to make adjustments to optimize them. Technology is a crucial factor, and we’ve developed proprietary tools to take sound strategies and implement them more powerfully. And we’ll show you where your company culture is a plus, and where parts of it need to be challenged so your entire team gets behind the ideas that deliver the most value. And of course, we analyze every aspect of your supply chain and show you how to make it work better for you. It’s a holistic, powerful approach we’ve proven through many successful engagements. It’s time you enjoyed this kind of success.

How It Benefits You

A thorough examination of your business strategy and how it links to your supply chain performance gives us a solid foundation from which to base our analysis and outcomes. Detailed data gathering and evaluation of current operational activity enable business modeling and solution development.


Every client is unique and every design is customized to provide you the best solution for your business. Our trained professionals use a variety of supply chain tools combined with real-life experience of designing hundreds of solutions. The result is an innovative but practical approach to your challenge. Our Logistic & Process Design helps you understand that successful supply chain networks are about more than the location. It's about how global suppliers, customers, and products come together to create an efficient logistic and supply chain network. Our in-depth analysis also includes facility optimizations—optimizing operating costs, transportation, and inventory. We start with end demand and work backwards through manufacturing and supply to identify the most logical locations, facility designs and transportation options.

Product distribution needs are combined with existing technology infrastructure to identify the best systems for your supply chain—those that deliver the functionality you need and can be integrated easily with existing enterprise resource planning systems.

Meet Les Brand, CEO and Jim Ward, President. "A good plan, no matter how great, is only as good as its implementation. Implementation is our specialty."

Meet Les Brand, CEO and Jim Ward, President.
"A good plan, no matter how great, is only as good as its implementation. Implementation is our specialty."


Our design team stays engaged from concept to implementation and beyond, to ongoing operations. This means your project will be delivered on time, on budget, and with sustainable performance. Our implementation involves managing change and onboarding the design and business processes that will enhance the future operation. Program management and its discipline, measurement and constant monitoring will help to ensure flawless execution which can be achieved only through effective management of people, processes and enabling technology. Our goal is nothing less than flawless execution.


Designing a great solution is just the first step. SCS can also help you put the plan in place, becoming an extension of your team in the implementation and ongoing management of your supply chain. Our commitment to quality assurance and continuous improvement keeps your team and ours focused and effective. It’s all about how we work to build a foundation for ongoing success. When you're more nimble as a business, form better relationships with your customers, and achieve better visibility throughout your supply chain—well, that's when we know we've accomplished our goal.


Adapting to shorter product lifecycles and lead times is a constant challenge. That's why SCS designs and implements better ways to operate within your supply chain whether we are managing your domestic or international business, your inventory or your lean material flow, our solutions provide complete end-to-end logistics management.

From material originating at your supplier to consumption at your production line to delivery to your customers, our supply chain operating tools and experienced operating teams will give you full control of your entire supply chain. And by providing real-time visibility to your inventory, you can reduce inventory carrying costs, improve delivery times, and respond swiftly to market changes.


While our solutions are designed to deliver results, quickly, our commitment to continuous improvement has no end. Throughout your supply chain transformation we help you continually raise the bar, resulting in ongoing business value. Process-based performance depends on carefully chosen metrics that start with the customer and drive desired results. We help metrics become meaningful while we innovate and improve your supply chain performance.

How It Benefits You

A redesigned and resized supply chain saved $22 million for a company with fluctuating demand. A semi-trailer manufacturer made adjustments that added 12 percent to its bottom line. A Fortune 1000 company reduced its inventory by $10 million by moving to a leaner, more agile supply chain. We don’t do this just to make people feel better, or to deliver theoretical improvements. The improvements we help you to make accrue in a very real way to your bottom line.