Lean Supply Tool

CheckPoint is a crossdock tool for companies with multiple locations.

The receipt of crossdock product from a multitude of suppliers is often a terribly non-standardized event as varied as the number of suppliers and carriers you work with. It becomes difficult to effectively acknowledge and provide tracking visibility to each piece of product down to the line item level.

CheckPoint was created in a demanding environment to receive, acknowledge, and provide robust visibility for just that type of situation. CheckPoint has been used for crossdocks that handle anywhere from 50 different suppliers daily to well over 800 different suppliers and thousands of weekly receipts. It’s simple to implement with little resource investment needed from the OEM and excellent return in the form of robust reporting, visibility, tracking and trend reporting. CheckPoint takes a whirlwind environment of non-standardized data and deftly captures it into a repository of truly useable data.

In addition to greater visibility of crossdock product, CheckPoint enables Supply Chain Solutions clients to be more efficient and more cost-effective.