Supplier Management Portal

Don’t have a full-blown ERP system? SupplyHarmony is a supplier order portal that gives small- to medium-sized OEMs the same full integration that large enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems offer.

With SupplyHarmony, orders are centralized, making it easy to receive and view all supplier orders. (SupplyHarmony even organizes orders from multiple ERP systems into one easy-to-read view.)  This gives you inbound visibility from the moment an order is issued to a supplier all the way down to the moment it is received by the OEM and all of the many checkpoints in-between.

SupplyHarmony also offers an order API (automated protocol interface) as well as Excel spreadsheet downloads and online viewing.

Fully customizable, SupplyHarmony can be installed in a “light” or “full” version, allowing you to choose your features, including a scorecard feature that grades suppliers for on-time deliveries, non-conforming material and more. SupplyHarmony can also be integrated with Rhythm for easy and streamlined product pick-up.

With far less cost, less internal support, and a remarkably smooth transition period, OEM’s can now enjoy the significant benefits possible with ever-present visibility of the entire inbound supply chain.